Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses
Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses
Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses
Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses
Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses

Tunnel Vision Extreme Spiral Diffraction Glasses

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Are you bored and desire a little extra visual stimulation?

See Life In A New Light

Tunnel Vision Spiral Diffraction Glasses provide the best quality, craftsmanship, and most importantly the best spiral diffraction effect on the market. Created with style in mind, these hand-crafted Spiral Diffraction Glasses capture the essence of a rave and allow you to see the festival through brand new eyes. Extreme Diffraction Effect Unrivaled by other Diffraction Glasses, Tunnel Vision Diffraction Glasses provide 3 times the diffraction effect of competitors.

The gradient light diffraction effect in these glasses is layered between two hard plexi-plastic panels for protection.

The laser etching process provides optimum light diffraction that presents a crisp, clean, and even effect from edge to edge. These glasses are a necessity for truly experiencing any light show or rave. Rave-Proof Guaranteed to stand up to every festival and rave under the summer sun, these glasses are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are certain that you won’t be disappointed with your Diffraction Glasses purchase and will enjoy the opportunity to wear these glasses at every event you attend.

Indestructable Plastic Frame

Tunnel Vision Diffraction Glasses ensure that your glasses will withstand a whole summer of weekend-long festivals. The PC Plastic frame safeguards the Diffraction Lenses and are sturdy enough to withstand even the craziest of sets. The frame sits comfortably and securely on your face, and will withstand all bass drops (as well as any drops to the ground). What Are Diffraction Glasses? Typically worn by concert and rave-goers, these glasses use a special kind of lens to diffract light into a multitude of rainbow color swirls. The lens works similar to a prism, splitting white light into its component colors.

This means that whenever you put these glasses on, any light source will appear as a kaleidoscope of colors, intensifying your concert/rave experience like never before. What Are Diffraction Glasses Used For?

  • Fireworks and Firework Shows

  • Holiday and Christmas lights

  • Festivals and Carnivals

  • Concerts and Music Festivals

  • Lasers

  • LED Glowing and orbit light shows

  • Enhancing any light shows or performances

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Franky Conner
So Fun! 😁

Love these diffraction glasses! Great price for them too!

Jordon Morley
Love these!

I can't explain enough how cool these glasses are at a rave. Strobe lights, lazers, LEDs or pretty much any lights refracted by these glasses look awesome. I went sober and felt like I was inebriated. It was awesome!

Kaeden Hopper

Keep up the excellent work. I was amazed at the quality of these spiral glasses. It's incredible. I use these glasses often.